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Life changes for all of us and you never know if you may find yourself in a position where you need to place your animal or pet. If so, it does not necessarily mean you never should have gotten it or that you didn’t love it. The same as with domestic animals, the reasons vary.  It simply means something in your life changed. We do not advocate obtaining animals without a great deal of thought and research. Nor do we encourage people to easily obtain the animal and then dump it. However, we do understand unforeseen circumstances.


If you or someone you know has a wild or exotic animal that needs to be rehomed for whatever reason, please call us for assistance (727) 399-1525. 






Bunnies In Your Back Yard?


The shelter receives numerous calls about baby bunnies in people’s yards. All the callers are very concerned for the welfare and safety of these defenseless young bunnies.  The concern usually stems from the misconception that the mother has abandoned the babies. Although, somewhat true. She is just an absentee mom only coming once or twice a day to feed and/or re-hide the babies. The mother rabbit’s milk is the highest in nutrition of all mammals. It is very important NOT to disturb the babies if possible. The mother will not return to them if they have been handled or disturbed. Newborns grow rapidly because of the great milk and are weaned in about a month.  If you could keep a watchful eye out for them they will be on their way in no time at all. If for some reason they do need attention and rehabilitation, please call us ASAP (727) 399-1525. Do not try to feed them at home as they do require a special milk.


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